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Jamie Reid is probably best known for his work with the Sex pistols, including the Cecil Beaton silver jubilee portrait of the queen with a safety pin through her nose, and the cover for ‘Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols’ which came in at number two in a Rolling Stone Magazine poll of the best rock album sleeves of all time. He also worked on the Sex Pistols film ‘The Great Rock and Roll Swindle’

Jamie Reid was bought up in Croydon London and came from a very politically active family. During his time studying at Croydon art college he was involved in the student movement of ‘68 organising an occupation of the collage along with Malcolm McLaren.

In 2000 Jamie was commissioned to designthe Magic Room in the Pelirocco Hotel in Brighton England, which offers rooms with d├ęcor inspired by British youth cults, and counter culture icons. The Magic room is decked out in shocking pink and florescent yellow, with works by Jamie Reid on the walls, and his designs printed on the curtains and wallpaper.

More recently he has been producing works as part of his Eight Fold year series, of silkscreen prints on slate, based around the eight festivals dividing the druidic year. Although this may seem a long way from the punk roots of his work, Jamie says “ All that I have been doing is re-adapting my work from the late-6o’s and early 70’s into different contexts and continuing with the same themes and messages”

On leaving Croydon Art College in 1970 he co-founded the suburban press where he developed his unique style of cut up graphics and sloganeering. The Croydon based magazine fused local politics with agit-prop graphics and situatoionalist slogans.

In 1976 he got back together with Malcolm McLaren to work on his new music based project The Sex Pistols.

Jamie Reid is infamous for his acerbic brand of visual anarchy. His signature newspaper-cutting graphics have become synonymous with the spirit of British punk rock music, having appeared on seminal Sex Pistols’ punk records of the 1970s including Never Mind the Bollocks, Anarchy in the UK, God Save the Queen and Pretty Vacant.

Political activism has always been the driving force behind Reid’s artistic output, having created his ransom note style whilst running radical political magazine Suburban Press. His association with different groups, including Druidry, the Situationist movement and more recently the anti-war movement, are all apparent in his artwork which is witty, ethically motivated and always unabashedly rebellious.

Jamie has continued his collaborations with the music industry until the present day designing album covers for bands including Afrocelt Sound System, and the interior of the strongroom Recording Studio in Shoreditch.

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